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woman touches her's belly because of pain she suffer pain and to reduce pain she used a compress

Why Do I Have Bladder Pain and What Can I Do About It?

Young woman with hot bottle and bladder infection Just about everybody in the world feels bladder pain at some point in their lives, but it can vary … [Read More...]

sports hernia symptoms

Is It a Sports Hernia? Knowing the Signs and Symptoms Can Help With Treatment

If you are active in sports and experience a painful tearing sensation in the lower abdominal or groin area, there's a good chance you have what's … [Read More...]

Stomach and H. Pylori

H Pylori (Helicobacter Pylori)

What is Helicobacter Pylori? Helicobacter Pylori is a stomach bacteria.  It is also known as "H. Pylori." This particular  bacterial infection may … [Read More...]

first aid kit

¿Cuál es el mejor tratamiento para una herida con sangrado severo? – 21 pasos de Primeros Auxilios.

El sangrado severo, envuelve la pérdida de grandes cantidades de sangre. Esta puede ser causada por muchos factores incluyendo una herida sangrante. … [Read More...]

pair of hands tainted with blood

Which Is the Best Treatment for a Severe Bleeding Injury? – 21 First Aid Steps

Severe bleeding involves losing large quantities of blood. This may be caused by many factors including injury. This article will provide information … [Read More...]


Epistaxis (Nose Bleeds)

What is Epixtaxis? Epistaxis is a bloody nose.  For the vast majority of persons, nose bleeds are not a big deal.  Hot humid days can trigger a … [Read More...]

Woman With Distended Stomach After Eating

Distended Stomach; Recognizing Its Causes and Treatments

Image:  CC by 2.0, George Ruiz, via FlickrHowever, there are numerous causes for a distended stomach, some of which are significantly more … [Read More...]

What is osteoma and how it is treated

What Is Osteoma And How Is It Treated? – Everything You Need To Know

Making sure you stay healthy means more than just eating fruits and vegetables and getting daily exercise; it also means staying on top of bodily … [Read More...]

Croup in Children

Croup in Children

What is Croup? Croup is a swelling in the lower throat (subglottic) caused by a virus. The most common cause is the parainfluenza type 1 … [Read More...]

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