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woman holding her back due to lower back pain

How to Apply Back Injury Treatment at Home

The vast majority of adults worldwide will have an issue with back pain to some degree at one point or another. Roughly one in every four Americans … [Read More...]

soles of the feet turned into clown faces one sad the other happy

Broken Toe Treatment: What to Do and How Long Your Toes Need to Heal

A stubbed toe can make your eyes water and is likely to induce a few choice words. There’s no doubt it’s a painful experience. But how do you know if … [Read More...]

a woman being in pain and having a headache

Migraine Headaches 101: Common Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Migraine headaches are not your typical headache. It is more painful than a typical headache, and it is usually accompanied by an extreme sensitivity … [Read More...]

biceps tendon rupture

Biceps Tendon Rupture

 What is Biceps Tendon Rupture? First of all, a rupture is simply a tear. Second, a  tendon is connective tissue that connect muscle-to-bone.  (As … [Read More...]

Toothache and fracture

So you have a Toothache

What will your doctor look for? Your doctor will look for signs, clear objective findings  discovered during the examination. Any time a … [Read More...]


Epistaxis (Nose Bleeds)

What is Epixtaxis? Epistaxis is a bloody nose.  For the vast majority of persons, nose bleeds are not a big deal.  Hot humid days can trigger a … [Read More...]

a microscopic detailed image of a human bladder tissue

Common Bladder Cancer Symptoms and Treatment

Most people rarely think about their bladders until they have a particularly close call finding a restroom. Patients often do not realize they have an … [Read More...]

an illustration featuring the way a hip bursitis manifest itself on a patient's body

Hip Bursitis Symptoms & Treatment

The bursae (plural of bursa) are small sacs filled with fluid. They provide cushioning for the tissues surrounding your joints. If the bursae become … [Read More...]

an illustration of a spine bone cancer

Bone Cancer Overview: Bone Tumor Symptoms & All You Should Know About It

Bone tumors are a rare condition in which cells in the bones start to divide excessively. This cell division forms a mass within the bone. While most … [Read More...]